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New Titles

Eastern Churches Journal: Warehouse Sale
$5.00 USD

Order quantities of this product for the number of Volumes of the back issues of Eastern Churches Journal that you want (3 books each valued at $40). An extra invoice for any extra shipping costs will be sent with each order, depending on the weight of the order. Identify which Volumes you want by an email on the Contact Us page, or to info@ecpubs.com.

Java with Jesus
$30.00 USD

#E86 Java with Jesus, by Marianne Sailus, is a book of daily reflections by the author for practicing our faith. It covers a wide range of topics related to feasts, saints, and the liturgical cycle of the Byzantine Churches. It is the first of a trilogy of daily reflections, one for each day of the year, with suggested readings for meditation. 400 pages with a color icon for each month. $30.00.

Unfinished Business
$15.00 USD

#E87 By Marianne Sailus, Unfinished Business is a book of daily spiritual reflections for use during the Great Fast (Lent). It focuses on the importance of our Lenten Journey toward Pascha, and cleverly compares our faith to the construction of a building. 120 pages with a color icon for each week. $15.00.

Hearts Afire: Fulfilling Our Destiny
$20.00 USD

#E88 By a deacon of the Byzantine Catholic Church, this book helps the reader develop an ever deeper personal relationship with the Living Jesus through a series of short conferences on specific Gospel passages for the life-long journey of Theosis, or divinization. $20.00.

On the Renewal of the Liturgy
$15.00 USD

#E89 This small book is an English translation of reflections on liturgical renewal by Patriarch Gregorios III, primate of the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, and new liturgical texts for prayers for various feastdays of the liturgical year.. $15.00.